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Is Your Introversion Holding You Back?

How to Survive, Excel and Advance as an Introvert
A 55-page eBook in pdf format

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Some questions first:

Introverts: Does your introversion pose challenges for you in succeeding in your current position or advancing in your career? Do you have difficulty inserting yourself into discussions with people who are enthusiastically chatting away? Would you like to better understand your own introversion and the extroversion you encounter in others so that you stand a better chance of attaining your professional goals?

Extroverts: Does the behavior of your introverted co- workers, colleagues and customers confuse, puzzle or frustrate you? Do you ever wonder how to draw introverts out? Do they sometimes seem withdrawn, uninterested and uninvolved? Would you like to better understand introversion so that you can be more effective in managing or working with introverts?

The introvert/extrovert dynamic is a complex one. Introverts and extroverts typically exhibit significant differences in communication patterns, interaction preferences and work styles. These differences can cause confusion and frustration in interacting with each other. Worse, they can lead to misunderstandings, reduced productivity and flawed outcomes.

These challenges are most pronounced in certain professions, such as IT, which has a much higher percentage of introverts than in the general population, while extroverts are represented in much greater numbers among IT customers.

My primary goal in writing this Guide is to support, encourage and inspire my fellow introverts. But my hope is that it will also be of value to extroverts who want to better understand the introverts they interact or work with. My objectives are to:

  • Broaden your understanding of both introversion and extroversion, so as to better appreciate the differences between the two
  • Describe how extroverts perceive introverts both the positive and negative perceptions and consider what introverts can do to minimize the negative perceptions and maximize the positive ones
  • Examine the experiences, challenges, frustrations and successes of introverts in an extroverted world
  • Consider ways in which introversion is an asset and ways in which it is an impediment
  • Identify skills that can help introverts survive and thrive without sacrificing their natural introverted style
  • Learn how introverts and extroverts can interact and communicate so that everyone can do their best work

Here's the table of contents:

1. Introduction

Section overview
Objectives of this Guide
Terminology used in this Guide
The story behind the introverted story

2. Gaining Insight into Yourself and Others

Section overview
Are you an introvert or extrovert?
Self-assessment grid
Assessing your self-assessment responses
Comparing yourself with your teammates

3. Understanding Introversion and Extroversion

Section overview
So what is introversion, anyway?
Research on introversion/extroversion
How these differences play out
4. A Deeper Look at Introversion
Section overview
Introversion as an impediment
Introversion as an asset
How extroverts perceive introverts positive perceptions
How extroverts perceive introverts negative perceptions
Skills that benefit introverts
5. Working Well Together
Section overview
How introverts can accommodate extroverts
How extroverts can accommodate introverts
How introverts and extroverts can accommodate each other
How introverts can help themselves
6. Related Resources
Section overview
Related reading
Workshop on Introverts and Extroverts in the Workplace

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