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Does Your Organization
Struggle With Change?

Managing Change

Changing How You Manage and Communicate Change:
Focusing on the Human Side of Change

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ABOUT THIS BOOK (See below for reader comments.)

Does your organization ever struggle in implementing change?
Is change in your organization ever accompanied by objections, pushback and grumbling?
Would you like to reduce the turbulence that seems inherent in change efforts?

Too many change efforts struggle or fall short because the technical and procedural aspects of the change receive too much attention and the humans aspects receive too little. The premise of this book is that change will proceed more smoothly, expeditiously and effectively if serious consideration is given to the human issues.

This book offers concrete, practical guidelines and advice to help you introduce and manage change in a way that takes into account and respects the people affected.

Throughout the book, you'll find examples and more examples. Some, I predict, will sound familiar.

Contents of this Book

  • Chapter 1 describes change efforts that backfired due to a failure to communicate and suggests why communication is so often lacking during times of change.

  • Chapters 2 and 3 present change models that offer insight into the experience of change.

  • Chapter 4 describes universal truths about the impact of change.

  • Chapter 5 highlights how people vary in their receptiveness to change and their response to it.

  • Chapter 6 guides you in reflecting on your own experiences in managing and coping with change.

  • Chapter 7 helps you build a foundation that will support you when change arises.

  • Chapter 8 offers suggestions for introducing change thoughtfully.

  • Chapters 9 and 10 provide guidelines for communicating to and with the people affected by change.

  • Chapter 11 guides you in learning from your change experiences so that you become increasingly adept at managing and coping with change.

    What Readers are Saying

    “I have really been enjoying reading Changing How You Manage and Communicate Change, and found myself really living it! Just as I began reading it, a foreign element entered our lives. It wasn't really all that significant, or at least it shouldn't have been except for the way in which it was introduced - with zero communication. The Chaos section of the book not only explained what we were feeling but helped us through our experience.”
    --Dorothy Graham, software testing expert

    “I've started reading it and have already found it extremely helpful (even after just reading a chapter and one half). This book couldn't have come to me at a better time.”
    --Francesca Matteu, editor

    “If you are responsible for making changes happen or experiencing changes you didn't initiate read this engaging book. Naomi Karten's wise, practical, and humane advice will guide you through the shoals of human responses (including your own) that will derail your efforts if you neglect them. I enjoyed the book very much and will be happy to recommend it to everyone.”
    --Fiona Charles, software testing consultant

    “You are one of the most (if not the most) articulate integrators and story tellers showing how the Satir models work in our daily and business lives. You also have a lot to bring in terms of your own experience and insight that makes everything come alive for the reader - speaking from my experience with your past writing.”
    --Becky Winant, senior software architect

    “I'm thoroughly enjoying the book and have been scribbling notes in my pad as I read (chapters have provided a wonderful diversion in two airports so far).”
    --Graham Freeburn, Principal Testing Consultant

    “This is an engaging, practical book on change which should be read by anyone who has to deal with change! (i.e., all of us!). I'm 3/4 of the way through the book and it really is delightful to read.”
    --Ellen Gottesdiener, software requirements expert

    “Thanks for keeping me apprised of your fine work and for tackling a subject that is a hurdle for most IT organizations.”
    --Isabel Fenichel-Berg, VP of HR

    “This book is a treasure because of the countless stories and examples which show the deep experience Naomi Karten has had in managing and communicating successfully during change, and to which every reader can relate. I highly recommend this book to anyone managing and/or undergoing a change (and who is not?).”
    --Jutta Eckstein, agile consultant

    “I've read Naomi's new book and it is terrific. I'm recommending it to a current client of mine who has much to learn about how to introduce change in his organization. (Of course, I am a little biased, since Wayne and I wrote the forward for Naomi's book! We're big fans of hers.)”
    --Eileen Strider, consultant to executive management

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