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Perceptions & Realities

Things are not always what they seem. This fact is at the heart of my newsletter, Perceptions & Realities.

Click on the cartoons and links below. Also check out my numerous articles and books for tips on managing customer expectations, strengthening teamwork, managing change, developing strong presentation skills, and much more. Oh, and also my blog.

Stairmaster cheese Glum elevator
Scuba panther Suntan chair
All the cartoons on this page and in these articles were created for me by Mark Tatro

More Articles (2-page pdfs)
The Hurly-Burly Hubbub of Change Purrfectly Obvious
Boring Triggers Snoring I Want It, I Have It, I Hate It!
Peephole Challenged What Are Your Measurements?
Try Something Different Signs of Confusion

Issues of Perceptions & Realities (4-page pdfs)
Issue Featuring articles on:
12-2 personal development, managing expectations, communication, managing change
12-1service orientation, feedback gathering, problem solving, business savvy
managing expectations, attitudes, managing change, relationship building, listening, management, communication

Issue Featuring articles on:
11-4 service orientation, managing change, communication, listening
11-3 customer service, teamwork, managing expectations, management
11-2 client relations, feedback gathering, communication, managing change
11-1 customer service, communication, usability, information gathering

Issue Featuring articles on:
customer service, relationship building, communication, customer support, managing expectations, planning, managing change, critical thinking
10-4 customer satisfaction, listening, productivity, interpretations
10-3 service orientation, communication, feedback gathering, service tracking
10-2 communication, service level agreements, customer satisfaction, customer support
10-1 communication, customer satisfaction, customer requirements, managing expectations

Issue Featuring articles on:
9-5 communication, measurement, management meetings
9-4 customer service, conflict management, attitudes, service level agreements
9-3 communication, feedback gathering, measurement, managing expectations
9-2 sales savvy, communication, managing change, managing expectations
9-1 survey savvy, managing change, critical thinking, communication, productivity

Issue Featuring articles on:
8-6 persuasion skills, managing expectations, service strategies, service level agreements, staffing
8-5 sales strategies, presentation skills, survey savvy, managing change
8-4 information gathering, listening, managing expectations, customer service, service strategies
8-3 client relations, feedback gathering, measurement, project management
8-2 perception management, information gathering, responsiveness, customer service, persuasion skills
8-1 relationship building, survey savvy, communication, service level agreements


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