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A Handbook on How to Write a Handbook

How to Profit (Quickly!) by Writing a Handbook: A Handbook Handbook
A 48-page eBook in pdf format

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Several years ago, I wrote a handbook called
How to Establish Service Level Agreements, which I adapted from one of my seminars. I knew there was a need for information on this subject, but I vastly underestimated the extent to which this SLA handbook would lead to demand for my seminars, presentations and consulting work.

What is a handbook? I use the term to describe a document that provides concrete information on how to (and how not to) carry out a particular task, achieve a particular goal, undertake a particular activity, learn a particular process, develop a certain skill, or the like. A handbook features case studies, examples, guidelines, directions, recommendations and lessons learned, with information structured as concise, easy-to-grasp chunklets.

My SLA handbook leads people to recognize me as an expert who can help them address their SLA challenges, and a handbook that you write can do the same for you. As a result, the “profit” in the above title refers not to sales of your handbook but to the profitable work that it can generate for you.

The amazing thing about my SLA handbook is how little time and effort it took to write it, compared with my experiences in writing several full-scale books.

I've written this How to Profit handbook to share what I've learned so that you can write your own handbook and achieve similar results. My objectives are:

  • To provide tips, techniques, guidelines and recommendations to help you plan, write, market and profit from your own handbook(s)

  • To use this very handbook to illustrate the tips, techniques, guidelines and recommendations that I describe.

Here's the table of contents:

1. Handbooks: Why Bother?

       Objectives of this handbook
       What is a handbook, anyway?
       Who is this handbook for?
       Ten proven benefits of creating a handbook
       Case study of a profit-generating handbook
       Frequently asked questions about handbooks

2. Producing a Quality Handbook

       Selecting a delectable topic
       Criteria for a “Buy-me! Buy-me!” title
       Whipping out an outline
       Creating compelling content
       Write NOW!
       Using feedback to make it better
       Making your handbook a snap to use
       The physical pieces and parts of the handbook

3. Money Matters

       Costs to produce your handbook
       Pricing your handbook

4. Generating and Filling Orders

       Marketing and promoting your handbook
       Fulfilling orders

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